Want to make your own podcasts or audio flashcards?

Here are some basic instructions for creating your own audio study guides.

Step 1: Assemble your material


Download my PDF scripts or gather up the information that you want recorded.

Step 2: Record

Using a recording program directly on your computer is easiest. I used GarageBand, but you can use QuickTime or Audacity (which is a free download for Mac or PC.) Give them a good listen to review and edit. For more information about editing, there are some awesome videos on YouTube.


Step 3: Export


For GarageBand, select Share > Export to itunes.

For QuickTime, select File > Export > itunes.

A note from your host:

If I had had the opportunity to purchase these podcasts when I was studying for my boards, I totally would have.

That said, I had the patience to do it twice! So all the power to those of you who go the DIY route!

For everyone else, purchase my guides to save you a lot of time!

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